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The Value Of Picking Your Spots Wisely

Episode Summary

Director and Credit Analyst Alex McLaughlin joins Chris Roberti to discuss the value of picking your spots wisely in 2024.

Episode Notes

On this episode, host Chris Roberti sits down with Alex McLaughlin from the Los Angeles trading desk to discuss how things are looking now that we’re several months into 2024. Alex is a Director and Credit Analyst with the team, and along with Chris, he breaks down the current rate and inflation narrative, the credit landscape, an overview of the healthcare sector, why investors are “refocusing” on the value of tax free income, and more. So, press play and get ready for another insightful episode of The Muni 360 Podcast from New York Life Investments, where the seasoned, active investors at MacKay Municipal Managers provide valuable insights into the highly fragmented, complex, and inefficient municipal bond market. 

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